Milk Thistle

by Susan Corbo from the international Seed Nutrition Society


Silymarin, extracted from the seeds of Silybum marianum L. (Milk thistle), is traditionally used for treating various illnesses such as diabetes, cancer, inflammation, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, and renal problems. Acute cytotoxicity and genotoxicity studies have been reported with ambiguous outcomes; however, its relevant anticlastogenic potential is not yet evaluated. This study was aimed to evaluate in vivo subacute anticlastogenic properties of silymarin to validate its use as a medicinal agent.


Silymarin was isolated from seeds of milk thistle. Various genotoxicity bioassays of silymarin were performed using mice. First, the bone marrow cell proliferation was estimated by calculating mitotic index. Second, the chromosomal abnormalities in mice bone marrow cells were studied. Third, micronucleated polychromatic erythrocytes (MPE) test and in vivo activation of sister chromatid exchanges (SCEs) were carried out in mice bone marrow cells. Finally, primary spermatocytes were analyzed to estimate genotoxic effect of silymarin on germ cells.


We found that silymarin is capable of inducing a significant increase (P ≤ 0.05) in cell proliferation of bone marrow cells. There is no increase in chromosomal aberrations following silymarin treatments. Results clearly showed that it significantly (P ≤ 0.05) decreased the MPE. Likewise, it was found to be a negative inducer of SCEs. It decreased in total abnormal metaphase, SCEs, MPE, and aberrant diakinesis.


The results demonstrated that silymarin has a strong anticlastogenic activity upon mice genome in somatic and germ cells, indicating its safe use as a medicinal substance. Furthermore, it is not only safe but also has protective effect from clastogens.

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International Seed Nutrition Society

Spreading the Story of Seed Science

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Chardonnay Grape Seeds

Did you know that the oil that is derived from the seeds of Chardonnay grape by using cold pressed method has MANY benefits ? The products I sell contain Chardonnay grape seeds More info

Grape seeds have high content of flavonoids named proanthocyanidins which is essential for the maintenance of brain health due to the presence of antioxidant as well as collagen preserving effects.

The presence of proanthocyanidins slows down the beginning of lipid peroxidation. Its traditional uses are known from ancient times and usually used for its seed.

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The extracts of seed is loaded with various health benefits:

1) Heart health
The seeds of Chardonnay grape hinder the low density lipid oxidation. It also prevents the chances of heart problems by maintaining the level of cholesterol under control. It has positive effect on arteries that reduce the blood pressure by maintaining the heart health.

2) Helps prevent cancer
Grape seed oil helps to prevent cancer and prevents the cancer proliferation. It is helpful for the patients with breast and prostate cancer. These small seeds help to maintain healthy life.

3) Brain health
The seeds of Chardonnay grape help to lower the oxidative stress on the brain, nerves, eyes and brain by preventing the chances of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease and neurodegenerative problems.

4) Treat obesity
This oil controls the level of glucose and production of insulin that helps to counteract obesity. The antioxidants help to keep the weight in proper condition. The problems in liver helps to treat weigh gain and digestive problems. Subscribe and save when buying seed based products Buy Seed -based products

5) Skin health
Chardonnay grape seed oil helps to repair the skin health and provides blemish free skin. It acts as anti-inflammatory, anti-histamine and anti-allergic properties. It prevents damage to the system.

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Seed nutrition synergizes the world’s most powerful phytonutrients into one tasty, healthful seed supplement. The naturally occurring antioxidants and enzymes in Rain Core seed nutrition’s non-GMO ingredients combine to enable cells to reproduce, REJUVENATE, and adapt while detoxifying the body of molecules that damage healthy cells.* If you subscribe you can purchase my products cheaper


Supports a natural enhanced elimination function. Enhanced elimination refers to an increased rate of expulsion of an agent from the body with the aim of decreasing the severity and duration of clinical intoxication.*

Provides the body with healthful enzymes to encourage a healthy immune system function and a reduction in free radicals and oxidative stress.*

Supports balanced pH levels in the body through easily absorbed nutrition. Overly acidic or alkaline pH levels are linked to problems in the digestive system as well as issues of the reproductive system which create risk for more serious conditions such as inflammation.*



The leaves, fruits and seeds of milk thistle have been used for centuries as a natural preparation. Milk thistle is one of the world’s most powerful liver detoxifying agents. Many individuals have seen dramatic improvement using milk thistle for various health issues. The active antioxidant compound within milk thistle is the flavonoid complex called Silymarin. This antioxidant is one of the most powerful liver detoxifying agents. It helps to boost glutathione and superoxide dismutase, which are two of the bodies master super antioxidants. One study found that silymarin increased glutathione content in the intestines and liver by up to 50 percent. Boosting glutathione helps protect the intestines from inflammatory damage.*

Kale is considered one of the most nutritious vegetables in the world and is known as the “original superfood.” Kale contains high amounts of sulfur and dietary fiber. Sulfur is actually the third most abundant mineral in the body and aids fat digestion and absorption, and the regulation of blood sugar. Aside from being great detoxifiers, sulfur and fiber also stimulate weight loss. This fact, coupled with its low calorie and fat content, makes kale an effective weight loss food.*

Hundreds of studies have been conducted on black cumin which have shown that compounds from the seeds help fight health ailments. Black Cumin Seeds contain over 100 chemical compounds, including some yet to be identified. In addition to what is believed to be the primary active ingredient, crystalline nigellone, black cumin seeds contain: thymoquinone, beta sitosterol, myristic acid, palmitic acid, palmitoleic acid, stearic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, arachidonic acid, protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, folic acid, calcium, iron, copper, zinc, and phosphorous.*

Chlorella, derived from single-celled algae, has long
been eaten in numerous Asian countries and is a true “superfood.” Chlorella is a nutritional powerhouse. It is approximately 60 percent protein, providing the same quality of protein as eggs. It is also a good source of lipid-soluble vitamins, choline, essential minerals and fiber.*

Dandelion roots, sap and leaves are powerful ways to help keep the body healthy, ranging from improving liver function to combating skin conditions. Dandelion has been used successfully across a variety of cultures, for several applications. It’s no secret that it’s an excellent way to keep the body healthy.*

One of the most nutritious parts of cranberry is the seed. The oil from the cranberry seed contains high levels of
polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids, phospholipids, phytosterols and large amounts of antioxidants that offer a variety of health benefits.*

Wheat grass is composed of the young shoots of wheat before stalks form a head with grain. It contains no wheat gluten, and is considered by many natural health professionals to possess many health properties. Wheat grass is, by composition, a superfood. This is due to wheat grass’s heavy concentration of chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. Clinical studies have confirmed that wheat grass juice and wheat grass extract have various health properties. Wheat grass acts as a potent antioxidant.*


Spirulina is one of the most widely studied foods on the
planet. In fact, studies in the last decade alone have shown that the regular consumption of spirulina can help enhance brain function, help improve white blood cell count, stimulate antibodies, boost liver health and more. Spirulina can also help almost any nutrient deficiency due to its incomparable concentrations of vitamins and minerals.*

Ancient Egyptians dubbed aloe vera the “plant of
immortality”. The earliest recorded use of aloe vera by humans goes back to 16th century B.C. Aloe vera can be a powerful agent when taken internally. It can help soothe the digestive and/or intestinal system.*

Chlorophyll has been used traditionally to improve bad breath and other forms of body odor. More recently chlorophyll has been used to aid in the removal of various toxins via the liver and remains a key compound for improving the function of essential detoxification pathways. Supportive evidence suggests it may be used as an anti-inflammatory agent as well.*


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International Seed Nutrition Society

I have decided to join a professional body to help support what I am trying to achieve when helping people. So I joined the International Seed Nutrition Society.

The International Seed Nutrition Society (ISNS) is dedicated to sharing information, understanding and data on seed science with people across the globe. The leadership team have traveled to over 40 countries to bring together an incredible blend of cross-industry specialists and experts on seed nutrition.

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The International Seed Nutrition Society (ISNS) is a professional organization of inspired scientists, doctors, nurses, researchers, consumers, and business professionals dedicated to sharing the importance of seed science to the world. As a trusted source for education and data related to seed science, we are passionate about uncovering the latest findings in genetic conservation, detoxification, and regeneration of bodies and environments. Our goal is simply to help improve the health of people around the globe through the most natural means possible

Inspired by seeds’ power to improve healthcare, we’re creating new research studies, reviewing journals, sharing our voice through blogs, newsletters, and webinars and working with researchers and doctors to create unique content that educates and informs. We invite you to join us, so together we can bring the story of seed science to people all over the world.

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Knowledge is Powerful

When a ground-breaking journal is published on the effect of black cumin seed on cancer, or a new clinical trial challenges everything we thought we knew about autoimmune disease, I will get access which is very exciting for my clients.

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People always ask me about inflammation. So what is inflammation?

I am currently working with some amazing products that help to remove inflammation. The products offer a Natural Inflammation Support system. Known as “miracle seeds” and “the golden spice of India” these products are providing great results

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So lets talk about Inflammation and what it is:

Inflammation (from Latin: inflammation) is part of the complex biological response of body tissues to harmful stimuli, such as pathogens, damaged cells

C-reactive protein (redirect from Marker of inflammation)

in blood plasma, whose circulating concentrations rise in response to inflammation. It is an acute-phase protein of hepatic origin that increases following

Granuloma (redirect from Granulomatous inflammation)

A granuloma is a structure formed during inflammation that is found in many diseases. It is a collection of immune cells known as macrophages. Granulomas

Gastritis (redirect from Stomach inflammation)

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Gastritis is inflammation of the lining of the stomach. It may occur as a short episode or may be of a long duration. There may be no symptoms but, when

Gingivitis (redirect from Gum inflammation)

Gingivitis is a non-destructive disease that causes inflammation of the gums. The most common form of gingivitis, and the most common form of periodontal

Myocarditis (redirect from Inflammation of the heart)

Myocarditis, also known as inflammatory cardiomyopathy, is inflammation of the heart muscle. Symptoms can include shortness of breath, chest pain, decreased

Encephalitis (redirect from Brain inflammation)

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Encephalitis is inflammation of the brain. Severity is variable. Symptoms may include headache, fever, confusion, a stiff neck, and vomiting. Complications

Enteritis (redirect from Small intestine inflammation)

Enteritis is inflammation of the small intestine. It is most commonly caused by food or drink contaminated with pathogenic microbes, such as serratia,

Phlebitis (redirect from Phlebitic inflammation)

Phlebitis or venitis is the inflammation of a vein, usually in the legs. It most commonly occurs in superficial veins. Phlebitis often occurs in conjunction

Inflammatory bowel disease (redirect from Bowel inflammation)

environmental and genetic factors leading to immunological responses and inflammation in the intestine. Dietary patterns are associated with a risk for ulcerative

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Anti-inflammatory (redirect from Anti-inflammation)

that reduces inflammation or swelling. Anti-inflammatory drugs make up about half of analgesics, remedying pain by reducing inflammation as opposed to

Mastitis (redirect from Breast inflammation)

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Mastitis is inflammation of the breast or udder, usually associated with breastfeeding. Symptoms typically include local pain and redness.

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Nutrition is the science that interprets the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food in relation to maintenance, growth, reproduction, health


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Curcumin, the major active component of turmeric (Curcuma longa), is widely used as a spice and food-coloring agent, and also exhibits multiple biological activities. However, as curcumin has poor systemic bioavailability its pharmacology remains to be elucidated. Owing to the high concentration of curcumin in the gastrointestinal tract after oral administration, we hypothesize that it may exert regulative effects on the gut microbiota. We investigated the regulative effects of oral curcumin administration on the gut microbiota and found that curcumin significantly affected the abundance of several representative families in gut microbial commu- nities, including Prevotellaceae, Bacteroidaceae, and Rikenellaceae. Considering the pathogenic associations between gut microbiota and many diseases, the present findings may help us to interpret the therapeutic benefits of curcumin.

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Curcumin is a bright yellow chemical produced by Curcuma longa plants. It is the principal curcuminoid of turmeric (Curcuma longa), a member of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae. It is sold as an herbal supplement, cosmetics ingredient, food flavoring, and food coloring.[1]

Chemically, curcumin is a diarylheptanoid, belonging to the group of curcuminoids, which are natural phenols responsible for turmeric’s yellow color. It is a tautomeric compound existing in enolic form in organic solvents and in keto form in water.

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The Black Seed

Black cumin: The secret miracle heal-all remedy: it’s a long read but worth it. Msg me for more info on our products

Black Cumin seeds, also known as Nigella Sativa — has been used to successfully heal the body — for over 3,300 years, since their first reported discovery in Egyptian Pharoah Tutankhamun’s tomb. Part of the buttercup family, the seeds are dark, thin, and crescent-shaped when whole.

here have been reports of these “magical” seeds used throughout history in the Middle East, the Mediterranean and India. Regarded throughout the entire Middle East as one of the most powerful anti-carcinogenic herbs ever existing…

Cleopatra used it as a beauty treatment.
Queen Nefertiti used black seed oil to bring luster to her hair and nails.
Hippocrates used it to cure digestive and metabolic disorders.
The Prophet Muhammad called it “a remedy for every illness except death.”
Archaeologists even confirmed King Tut kept a bottle of Black Cumin Seed Oil in his tomb — for use in the afterlife.

Which brings no surprise that Black Cumin Seed Oil has also been used by practitioners of Ayurveda and Chinese Traditional Medicine for thousands of years for a similarly endless list of conditions. But in recent years, it has been put to the test and several scientific studies confirm its long reported health benefits.

“Black cumin oil is probably the single most important oil you can put in your system.” —Dr. Gary Null, Progressive Radio Network

Referred to As “The Cure For All Things”…

With proven effectiveness against bacteria, viruses, ulcers, diabetes, chronic inflammation, liver & pancreatic disease, fungus, molds and deadly parasites….

Black Cumin may be the most “all-in-one” health food in existence.

Since 1964, there have been 458 published studies involving black cumin — confirming what Middle Eastern and North African cultures have known for thousands of years — that Black Cumin is nothing short of a miracle all-healing remedy.

It’s native source — Nigella Sativa has been involved in hundreds of studies regarding health, and particularly cancer treatment and prevention.

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Black cumin is one of the earliest cultivated plants in human history, meaning it was one of the early providers of life.

These black seeds contain over 100 chemical compounds and some of the ingredients are yet to be discovered and identified.

The main active ingredient in black seed oil is crystalline nigellone. The seed oil also contains beta sitosterol, thymoquinone, myristic acid, palmitic acid, stearic acid, palmitoleic acid, oleic acid, linoleic acid, arachidonic acid, proteins and vitamins B1, B2 and B3. The seeds also contain calcium, folic acid, iron, copper, zinc and phosphorous.

The high content of phytosterols found in black cumin oil is also necessary to the human body for natural production of hormones, pro-vitamin D and bile acid.

As a result, these tiny black cumin seeds provide an all-around super multi-vitamin of nutrition. Buy Here

CuminOilDr. Gary Null states, “every time you take black cumin you are stimulating your immune system to fight on your behalf.”

Black cumin does this by helping to stimulate the production of bone marrow and cells throughout the immune system. It increases the production of interferon, protects normal cells from the damaging effects of harmful invaders, and increases the number of antibody producing B cells within us.

In turn, Black Cumin supports the entire body — via the boosting of the body’s immune cell production, bone marrow, and natural interferon. Even for people in the best state of health, consuming Black Cumin regularly — have greatly increased their vitality and well-being!

Follow your heart, you’ll need it

The utmost vitality doesn’t mean anything if you don’t maintain a HEALTHY HEART.

Black cumin benefits the heart and cardiovascular system in a variety of impressive ways… Rich, unsaturated omega 6 & 9 acids and phytosterols help fortify and increase the elasticity of blood vessel walls, decrease capillary fragility and permeability and decrease arterial pressure.

Black cumin also assists in the decrease of blood cholesterol – preventing formation of dangerous atherosclerotic plaque, as well as preventing development of inflammatory elements in the overall cardiovascular system. Additionally, black cumin has been used for tachycardia, bradycardia, hypotension, hypertension, as well as other various heart diseases.

Protection against antibiotic resistant “super bugs” already threatening our future

In 1989, an article about phenomenal properties of black cumin was published in the Pakistani Medical Journal. Then in 1992, research of the antibacterial properties of black cumin in comparison with strong antibiotics was carried out in the medical department of the University of Dhaka in Bangladesh. The facts were very fascinating – black cumin oil demonstrated itself as a MORE EFFICIENT remedy against certain types of bacteria, including those which most strongly resist antibiotic drugs.

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Black cumin has been shown to contain the following properties, which help define its powerful medicinal value.
Analgesic (pain-killing)
Gluconeogenesis inhibitor (anti-diabetic)
Hepato-protective (liver protecting)
Insulin sensitizing
Interferon inducing
Reno-protective (kidney protecting)
Tumor necrosis factor alpha inhibiting
The BEST Way to Consume Black Cumin

The “OIL” is the most effective form to consume because it is more concentrated than whole, unpressed seeds, and is more readily assimilated.

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Black cumin can refer to the seeds of either of two quite different plants, both of which are used as spices:

  • Bunium bulbocastanum, black cumin is considered similar to caraway, but they are two distinctly different plants. The seeds differ dramatically in shape, color and size.
  • Nigella sativa, black caraway is also called kalonji or nigella, and more common in the Far East, Mideast, Bangladesh, India and Africa.

Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) is a flowering plant in the familyApiaceae, native to a territory including the Middle East and stretching east to India.[2] Its seeds – each one contained within a fruit, which is dried – are used in the cuisines of many cultures in both whole and ground form.

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10 Reasons to take probiotics

Ever wondered why you should look seriously take probiotics?

Well here are my 10 reasons and you can find out more

1. Strengthen Your Immune System
There are both positive and negative bacteria in your gut that compete for food and space on your receptor cells. It’s important to always have a good amount of the positive microbes to fight off the negative ones and help immune cells do their job of maintaining your health.
Supplementing the good bacteria with our probiotic increases the chances of maintaining a strong immune system. They can even help protect your immune system from weakening during vigorous physical activity.

2. Aid in Digesting Carbs, Vitamins and Waste Disposal
Your body requires good bacteria to help absorb certain things like starches and sugars in the foods you eat. Having the right balance of positive bacteria in your body helps digest carbs and transform them into useful nutrients.
Along with aiding in digestion of certain foods, probiotics also help produce both B and K vitamins. In addition, they aid in healthy metabolism and break down waste matter in the body.

3. Emotional Health
Most people don’t know this, but your gut is responsible for producing more serotonin than your brain. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a huge role in influencing moods.
There is an interrelationship between your brain and your gut. They are both considered central nervous systems, so by supplementing your gut with probiotic tablets, you’re aiding in the communication between your GI tract and brain.

4. Better Skin
Our body is a living ecosystem of bacteria. We have microorganisms inside and on the surface of our skin. These two types of microorganisms are closely related.
Many skin issues are thought to be caused by the delayed development of the immune system. This is especially true for younger children. Taking probiotic tablets may help these issues.
This is one of the reasons many pregnant women take probiotics. Aside from aiding in weight loss after the child is born, they can help with potential skin problems in infants.

5. Decrease Allergies
If you suffer from seasonal allergies, a probiotic could be more helpful than you thought. In fact, a 2013 study found that individuals suffering from allergies had fewer symptoms after two months of probiotics.
While these positive microbes aren’t known for treating things like seasonal allergies, many people benefit from them. It may be that probiotics help the immune system from becoming irritated by allergens.
For whatever reason, they’re becoming more popular as a way to beat the sniffles.

6. Stop Diarrhoea
You may only get diarrhoea every once in a while or more frequently as a side-effect of medication or another illness. Regardless of the reason, diarrhoea is horrible and unpleasant. However, taking a probiotic supplement could help in a big way.
Along with the number of other gut benefits, many are taking probiotics to prevent and help stop attacks of diarrhoea. During this uncomfortable stomach condition, the gut’s microbial balance gets thrown out of whack. Probiotics help straighten things out with an increase of positive bacteria.

7. Regulate Body Weight
Taking probiotics tablets may be just what your body needs to help lose or maintain weight. Remember, everyone is different and controlling your weight is an important health decision. Make sure you speak to your doctor before trying probiotics as a weight loss measure.

8. Oral Health
Good oral health doesn’t start and stop with your teeth. In addition to the problems bad oral hygiene has on your mouth, it also causes a number of health issues elsewhere. In fact, bad oral health is connected to things like diabetes and even heart disease.
If the condition of your teeth and gums is a concern, a probiotic can help. Keep in mind that this should not be used as a replacement for better oral hygiene practices and dental work. But it may aid in the prevention of gum disease and tooth decay.

9. Great for Stomach Disorders
We discussed how probiotics help stop diarrhoea and aid in digestion. But they also help with other stomach issues such as constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. They even help with things as common as gas and bloating.
By balancing out the bacteria in your stomach with positive live culture, you help maintain a healthier stomach all around. Probiotics may even reduce the amount of time between eating a meal and bowel movements.

10. Defend Against Respiratory Disorders
The winter months mean the cold and flu run rampant. Upper respiratory infections are common with both but can be defended against with daily probiotic tablets.
This is probably due to the boost your immune system gets when taking a probiotic. It’s strange that positive bacteria introduced into your gut could help a chest infection. But if you’re prone to them, you may want to give it a try.

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Blood cells and illness:

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The Science behind the seed

Our world is changing, The way we live our lives and do business is changing.

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